Scripts & Musicals

The following scripts and plays are written by Noel Anderson.


Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes Of Fame – A Psychological thriller about the attempted Director Noel Anderson & Josh Futcher as Andyassignation on pop artist Andy Warhol by man-hater, Valerie Solonas.   A two act play Approx length 2 hours – suitable for 3 males, 4 females. Published by Australian Plays Transform.

Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets – An original musical about therapy, falling out of WINNER BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Los Angeles Film Awards - 2018love, family and Hollywood icon, Audrey Hepburn (co-writers Gayelene Cabris, Geoff Main and Cerise de Gelder) – A musical in two acts – Approx length 2 hours – Official Music Video ‘Travellers in Time’

IMG_0345 (1) Dark Victory – A dramatic play in two acts about lives of two friends, Carol a childless novelist and Warren a gay florist, as they struggle with love, loss and the AIDS epidemic of the early 90’s  – Playtime Finalist 2016 – Approx length 90 minutes –  suitable for 2 females, 1 male. Published by Australian Plays Transform 

Sammy and Dave – A one act play about two bisexual (married) men who meet in a hotel room for a one night stand –  Approx length 60 minutes – suitable for 2 males.

Ghost Story – Adapted from Henry James’s classic tale of horror ‘The Turn of the Screw’.  A young Governess  is employed to take care of  two children,  both perfect in every way.  However, she quickly starts to suspect they are not being themselves, and are possessed by two dead spirits, former valet  Peter Quint and former governess, Miss Jessel.  Set in England in 1898 – Approx length 80 mins – suitable for 2 females. Available to purchase on Amazon.

Confide in Me – A 10 minute Monologue about gender reassignment, breaking up, YouTube and Kylie Minogue. (On iTunes)

Germ Warfare – A one act play about two soldiers, a mysterious nurse and the brutal killing of a Japanese soldier. To save the world you ask a man to die; Would this man, could he see you now, ask 180085_10150108287362921_6482498_nwhy? Approx 55 Minutes – suitable 3 males, 1 female.

Bullet To The Head – A 10 minute monologue about misfortune, accidental suicide and the price of fame.  (from 15 Minutes of Fame – In The Raw)

Millie Non-Stop Live at the Hub – A one act play about growing older and finding unlikely allies in tough situations. Set in Newtown, Sydney.

Billy Loves Cha Cha Forever!  – A murder mystery set in Kings Cross in the swinging 1960s about 7d15e4fd-0f7d-4a63-9ed7-3eb7a94306cbthe death of a young male prostitute. Who did it? Was it the transsexual cabaret star or the pimp?  It will keep you guessing until the end. A two-act play – Approx length 90 Minutes – 3 males. Script available on Amazon

Pulling Out – A Gay Comedy –  A short 10-15 minute play – ‘Midsumma Pink Shorts Winner Best Writing.’

Moonshot – Set in Alice Springs, Australia. A young boy is having dreams, where he believes he’s talking to President Nixon on board Apollo 11’s mission to the moon. The only man that can save him is astronaut, Buzz Aldrin – Approx 90 Minute Play – 5 characters – 2 Males, 3 females.

Circles – Approx 10 -15 minute Adults only short play about the patterns we cannot 477break- This is suitable for short fringe festivals.

Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes Of Fame – In The Raw – ( Stripped back, approx length 90 minutes, minimal set and costumes required)

Kylie Kastle – A play – A 90 minute teenage drama about growing up in the suburbs and losing friends. (Adult version)

Films Scripts by Noel Anderson

The Carer – Looking for a producer 2 hour Film Script.

Sammy and Dave – Looking for a producer 75 minute film Script. Selected for the UK Film Festival, 2EC3248A-5018-4AD1-8486-5621BA010B67Chicago Script awards and “Winner” of Redwood Shorts and Scripts Festival.

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Pulling Out – A Gay Comedy  – A 15 minute film – Unproduced

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