A New Kid On The Blog

Welcome to 2018.  I’m not going to lie, time is short so why waste it on pretending.  But, I’ve got to tell you that I am very excited.  I have just finished working on my new website and blog. I tried hard to cover a lot of what I do on this site, which is a little bit of everything.  I hear you saying, ‘yeah cool, so you do a lot things but are you the master of anything?’  Well, I think I’m the master of my own mind but even that’s debatable these days.  But, what I’m good at, directing, writing or acting, is not for me to decide. I’ll leave that decision to you after you checkout my shinny new website.

I gotta tell you, at the end of 2017 I was hit with the worst case of seasonal holiday blues on record. It felt like a truck doing two hundred on the Bolte had knocked me down. I’d spent months putting together a Melbourne Fringe show called ‘Love Kills 2017’ about relationship breakups.  I worked with some really fine actors, great writers  and good stories. Each night I performed a piece called ‘Confide in Me’ which I’d written, about the end of my ten year relationship.  I had expected it to be a liberating experience in some way, saw myself flying out of the abyss of a bust-up and standing tall on stage as a survivor, wearing a badge of honour. Storm trouper and Noel the crowd pleaser, telling the truth about love, warts and all. How wrong can you be?  Instead of feeling liberated, I stood backstage full of dissatisfaction. After each show an audience member would tell me ‘Noel you were really terrific. really strong’. But, inside I felt I needed more. Over the months that followed, I realised that art for me is an ever changing thing, and that somehow I had moved on from my own love story without even knowing it, to reenact an event that had changed my perception of love forever, just wasn’t enough for me. It needed to validate who I was now also, it couldn’t live as memory.  So, between the holiday Christmas blues and the validation I craved after a successful season of ‘Love Kills 2017’ I started working on this brand new website. Now that we’re acquainted, I hope you’ll drop by regularly to say hello.

Have a safe and happy start to 2018.  Cheers Noel Anderson xx


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