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This website is a bit of this and a hell’uva lot of that! Aspects of my life I guess, work, and memories.  I’ve  directed over 50 theatrical productions and worked in film and TV.  Feel free to have a look at my Showreel. My written work includes Ghost Story, Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame and the musical Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets. I believe in the power of music, pop art and Campbell’s Soup (thanks to Mr Warhol). You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  My other sites: Harlequin Ink or Twitter @Randyandy42 or Facebook or Instagram

WE-Are TV brings you ‘NEXT’-Date Addict vs Date Phobic, the Five Continent International Film Festival winner for best webseries September 2017, directed by Noel Anderson, written & produced Rob Lobosco. DITCH Tindr, Tendr, Grindr, Blendr and come play with the new date-app NEXT…  Premiered on Foxtel in late January 2017. Go to TV Series ‘Next’ Directed by Noel Anderson.

NEXT… The Award Winning Webseries

‘Travellers in Time’ music video is written and directed by Noel Anderson. The video features popular singers Kelly Cupo and Caroline Hawke with leading Melbourne actress Lee McClenaghan as Audrey Hepburn. Released online in June 2017 the video has had almost 12,000 views on YouTube in under three months. Filmed at the Bakehouse Studio, Melbourne 26th April 2017. Website: http://www.audreypopmusical.com or Info: noel_anderson@y7mail.com / Go to ‘Travellers in Time’ Music Video.


‘Travellers in Time’ Music Video

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